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  • Popcorn Lung Myth Busting
    October 17, 2022

    What Is Popcorn Lung?

    That famous disease that’s popping up across the media, what is it? What causes it? We’re going to break down this Myth, where it originated and explain exactly what it is. We'll then go on to explain exactly why you...

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  • Why Does Vaping Make Me Cough?
    September 30, 2022

    Sore Throat From Vaping? Try This.

    Millions of people around the world have used vaping as a method to quit smoking, the main reason being that vaping is pleasurable in forms that other nicotine replacement methods aren’t, and vaping can offer an experience very similar to...

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  • nic shot
    June 14, 2021

    The Value of Vaping

    Vaping has gained much in popularity over the last few years. Though it initially received some negativity, much of the bad press vaping received was due to a lack of awareness and information. Today, a battery of studies have been...

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  • Zeus Juice Dimpleberry, Zeus Juice
    June 14, 2021

    Does Vaping Help Relieve stress?

    Cigarettes vs Vape Systems Over the last few years vaping has become immensely popular. Apart from the amazing flavours on offer, vaping has become a viable alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. Smokers typically light a cigarette when they feel anxious...

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  • riot squad, riot salts
    May 13, 2021

    Who called for a riot!?

    Vaping is now recognised as one of the top 5 recreational activities enjoyed by young adults in the United Kingdom. Vaping is enjoyed in group settings as well as a solitary experience, to be enjoyed with a coffee. Another factor...

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  • Nasty Salt, Nasty Salts
    May 13, 2021

    The best nicotine salt in the UK right now

    Vaping is a fairly new phenomenon and as with any new technology it can take time to be fully understood, but this hasn’t slowed its popularity in any way. Indeed, between 2012 to 2017 vaping as a recreational activity jumped...

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking
    March 26, 2021

    5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking

    1) The Immediate Rewards The dangers of smoking cigarettes are often measured in the long term, but you’ll find yourself feeling far better within days of going smokefree. There is no safe amount of cigarette smoke. The chemicals reach directly...

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  • Public Health England Logo
    March 5, 2021

    Vaping in England: 2020 evidence update summary

    This is the sixth report in a series of independent reports commissioned by Public Health England (PHE) to summarise evidence on e-cigarettes to inform policies and regulations. Despite reductions in smoking prevalence, smoking remains the biggest single cause of preventable...

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