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The Value of Vaping

Vaping has gained much in popularity over the last few years. Though it initially received some negativity, much of the bad press vaping received was due to a lack of awareness and information. Today, a battery of studies have been conducted on the subject.

Data collected by helps shed some light on the increase in popularity. According to the report, between the years 2012 to 2017, vaping as a recreational activity jumped from 700,000 users to nearly 3,000,000 users. These numbers established the UK as third place in the global consumption of vape products.

The increasing popularity of vaping led the government to introduce specific regulations concerning the sale of vape products. In 2017, the Tobacco Products Directive (TDP) law was introduced in the United Kingdom

As a result of the TDP, a number of rules have been put in place to govern the manufacturing of e-liquids, however, liquids that do not contain nicotine are currently exempt.

Under the new regulations, any vaping product containing nicotine is only allowed a maximum content saturation level of 10 ml. These regulations also stipulate that any new liquid containing nicotine is required to be thoroughly tested.

This 10 ml limit raises the cost of vaping, so what’s the solution? - Nic Shots. A nic shot is a 10 ml bottle of highly concentrated liquid nicotine. Nic Shots are not to be consumed by themselves, they must be mixed with e-juices that don’t contain nicotine.

A nic shot is typically purchased with a shot filler, which is a bottle of e-juice (with or without nicotine) that has adequate empty space to accommodate a shot. They do not contain nicotine and are available in a large variety of flavours.

Using nic shots instead of buying a large quantity of pre-mixed juice is more economical and offers vapers an additional 20ml of juice when mixed with a 100ml shot filler, which means you pay less and get more. Additionally, Nic Shots feature less plastic in their packaging, making them more environmentally friendly.

A common question regarding Nic Shots is: ‘will they dilute the flavour of my e-juice’? Fortunately, manufacturers have already considered this and so short fillers often contain a higher concentration of flavour. This ensures a delicious, full-flavour vaping experience.

Every Vaper has specific nicotine requirements. Some desire a high dosage, while others are trying to curb their intake and wish for less. Here’s a rough dosage guide (please consult packaging of your specific product) :

  • For those trying to end their dependence on nicotine - 0mg/ml
  • For light smokers and those trying to reduce their intake - 3mg/ml
  • For moderate smokers looking for a light buzz - 6mg/ml
  • For heavy smokers - 12mg/ml

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