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PnP & Falcon Tank Coils

Take a look at our selection of replacement vape coils, including MTL and sub ohm coils from all the big brands, including; SMOK, Aspire, HorizonTech and Vaporesso. Many e-cigarettes and vape tanks feature replacement vape coils, which are essential for a quality vaping experience. Vape coils are the heating elements that heat your e-liquid, converting it into the vapour that you then inhale. 

Your vape clouds are dependent on your coils, and with that being the case, we have a selection of high quality vape coils for your device that will ensure you keep creating those impressive vape clouds, and that you continue to enjoy every inhale you take.  

Coils should be replaced on a regular basis because they burn out over time, altering the flavour of your e-juices. This is why it’s so important to choose the right vape coil for the kit or tank you're using. There are different types of coils for you to choose from. We have small MTL coils, along with more traditional MTL coils such as the ‘Aspire Nautilus BVC’ Coils. We also have Falcon tank coils too for your Sub Ohm tanks, which give your vaping devices exceptional coil life. Or there are the TPP series coils which vastly increase heating speeds, allowing you to enjoy even more flavour.

You can find TPP coils, PnP coils, falcon tank coils, and more pre-built coils for experienced vapers, right here at TouchOfVape.