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How Should I Store My Liquids?

How Should I Store my Liquids?

When you buy e-liquid, where do you keep it? On the counter? Forgotten about in a drawer? Left in the car? Usually, we have a habit of wherever we go, our e-liquid goes. However, not much though tis often put into the best way to store e-liquid to get the most out of it, especially when you’re first starting out. Where you keep your liquids will make a huge difference to the longevity of the fluids and doing it properly will ultimately save you money and get the most out of your favourite flavours.

Protect It from The Elements

The arch nemesis of any e-liquid is the natural elements. Heat, light and air will break down the molecular make up of your liquids and can cause them to turn, changing the flavour and the colour of the liquid.

  • Light – Natural light will more than likely affect your e-liquid. UV rays warm up the liquid and can break down the molecules of the ingredients. To avoid this keep it in a dark place away from any windows and natural light, especially if it’s for a prolonged period of time.
  • Heat – Heat and light work very similarly when it comes to e-liquid, they both wreak havoc on your juice. Heating your liquid will also change the ingredients and cause the liquid to spoil, changing the taste. Again, a cool, dark place is where your liquids are happiest. However, leaving your liquid in the cold will make a much thicker consistency, one your coils will not like one bit.
  • Air – A bit of a curveball when it comes to e-liquid preservation, but your juice will actually react with oxygen, well the nicotine will anyway. When nicotine reacts with oxygen it creates cotinine (This is what’s made when nicotine is metabolised) rendering it useless. To avoid this make sure your bottles are air-tight and always keep the lids on your e-liquid.

Best Place to Store Your E-Liquids

Without a doubt the best place for liquids is a cool, dark space. One that will prevent any light from interacting with it, away from any heat sources. Doing this will prolong your favourite flavours, this is especially true if you have a DIY liquid and is something we call steeping, this is the process of allowing the flavours to blend together to give your liquid the punch you’re after.

When Does E-Liquid Expire?

All e-liquids have a best before date of around two years, this is true mainly when nicotine is present as that’s the ingredient that will break down first, therefore, nicotine free e-liquids can last longer but is down to a case-by-case basis. Expiration dates are an estimation and over a long period of time there’s no guarantee the e-liquid will have the same quality as that of a new bottle.

There are a few tell tale signs of an expired or bad liquid, however, keep an eye out for the following to make sure you’re only vaping the highest quality liquids:

  • Storage – Have you followed our above tips for storage? If not, you may notice your liquid has turned a different colour or perhaps the consistency isn’t what it once was.
  • Separation – Quite a clear indication your liquid is no good, if it’s separated give it a real good shake to see if that remixes the ingredients. If not, it’s ready for the bin! Also be on the look out for crystallisation in particularly icy or menthol flavours. 
  • Smell – If your liquid smells bad, it is bad!

Look after your liquids!


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