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What Are Disposables?

What are Disposables?

Disposable devices have become increasingly more popular throughout the year, they are as the name suggests, prefilled vape pens that will last around 600 puffs before they are to be thrown away.

Disposables are a great way to try out vaping for the first time without having to commit to a more expensive long-term investment, they can also be used for events where you don’t want to take your main device, plus liquids and coils clogging up pockets or bags.

Disposables mainly come in a 20mg nicotine salt. This is the highest legal strength nicotine that can be sold under the TPD regulations.

However, Disposables also cannot be recycled due to the battery inside and they can also be an expensive way of vaping long term, a mouth to lung device would be much cheaper to maintain and it cuts down on electrical waste going to landfill.

All of our disposable devices are priced at 4 for £20.

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