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What Strength Nicotine Do I Need?

What Strength Nicotine Do I Need?

This is the most important factor when considering the switch to vaping from smoking, it has a direct correlation to the number of cigarettes you are smoking a day.

3mg E-Liquid – Up to 5 cigarettes a day (Low Nicotine)

6mg E-Liquid – 5 to 10 cigarettes a day (Medium Nicotine)

12mg E-Liquid – 10 to 20 cigarettes a day (High Nicotine)

For users who are smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day we recommend looking towards nicotine salts, you can find out more here.

18mg e-liquids do exist, however, we believe that is more nicotine than someone requires in a freebase nicotine (vs. a nicotine salt) as it will be too harsh on the throat.

When you first start vaping you may experience a harsh hit on your throat, this is normal. Essentially, smoking damages the little hairs at the back of your throat and will take time to repair we advise a little persistence for a week and the cough or harsh hit will ease. If it doesn’t try decreasing your nicotine strength.

It is important to note that nicotine is not the harmful chemical in cigarettes, purely the addictive side of them. It is as harmful to the body as caffeine is.

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