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What Are Nicotine Salts?

What are Nicotine Salts?

What Are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine Salts (Nic salts) is an organically formed nicotine found in leaf tobacco, in the simplest terms, nic salts are an incredibly efficient way of delivering nicotine to your body, whilst also being smoother on your throat. Many vapers report a more satisfying vaping experience thanks to its biocompatibility as it is smoother on the inhale, they are also reporting nic alts carry the flavour of the liquid better. Because of this nicotine salts are becoming more and more prevalent.

Nic Salts Vs. Freebase Nicotine

There are two types of nicotine, Salts and the conventional nicotine “freebase nicotine”. Nic salt is a modern nicotine found in the leaves of tobacco, it not only contains natural nicotine but other organic components, aiding the biocompatibility properties. Freebase nicotine is not like this. Studies have been conducted by PAX showing that nic salts were more efficient in delivering nicotine to its users. The addition of benzoic acid to nic salts reduces the pH levels of the liquid, in turn this caused the liquid to be much smoother when inhaled as opposed to the harsh hit of freebase nicotine.

If you are looking to make your vaping experience as smooth as possible, maybe nicotine salts are the way to go, otherwise if you are looking for a hit on the back of your throat freebase nicotine may be for you.


  • Better, faster nicotine fixes that deliver in 6-7 seconds. Freebase nicotine takes longer for the satisfaction feeling, it’s absorbed into the body in a build-up and only when that level has been reached will you feel the effects. Nic salts allow the nicotine to enter the bloodstream at a similar speed to cigarettes which is exactly what ex-smokers are looking for. If nicotine absorption is water, nic salts are a tap whereas freebase nicotine is a handpump. This is PAX labs findings.
  • It's technically cheaper. Whilst nicotine salts can be slightly more expensive than traditional freebase nicotine they deliver the nicotine much more efficiently, meaning you’re puffing less and consuming less juice.
  • Way better shelf life. Because nic salts have a more stable chemical composition than conventional e-liquid they store better for longer, meaning the quality of the nicotine never degrades.
  • Smooth, mild throat hit. Chances are you don’t care about the pH levels of the liquid, thankfully the scientists at PAX do, they figured out that nic salts without the food-grade benzoic acid didn’t absorb as efficiently, after adding the acid (of which there’s little to no evidence to suggest it isn’t safe.) and the nicotine gets an upgrade. A smoother throat hit and instant nicotine satisfaction.

Nic Salts for Ex-Smokers

Nic salts have become the go to for new vapers who have just quit smoking. Because smoking damages the hairs in your throat we need the inhale to be as smooth as possible whilst still getting the necessary levels of nicotine. If you are running a high powered device, you can get e-liquids with low levels of nicotine salts and see the same results as a higher freebase nicotine content.

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