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Where did I put my vape...
Where did I put my vape...
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  • nic shot

    The Value of Vaping

    Vaping has gained much in popularity over the last few years. Though it initially received some negativity, much of the bad press vaping received was due to a lack of awareness and information. Today, a battery of studies have been...

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  • Zeus Juice Dimpleberry, Zeus Juice

    Does Vaping Help Relieve stress?

    Cigarettes vs Vape Systems Over the last few years vaping has become immensely popular. Apart from the amazing flavours on offer, vaping has become a viable alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. Smokers typically light a cigarette when they feel anxious...

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  • riot squad, riot salts

    Who called fort a riot!?

    Vaping is now recognised as one of the top 5 recreational activities enjoyed by young adults in the United Kingdom. Vaping is enjoyed in group settings as well as a solitary experience, to be enjoyed with a coffee. Another factor...

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