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Welcome to Touch of Vape a specialist vape boutique and ecigarette store. Stocking all the leading brands of eliquids and hardware for vaping and ecigarettes.

Why Choose Us?

After opening our first shop in Coventry in early 2017, we aimed to offer our customers the very best products. With top-notch service. 

Now we have two shops we can help even more people than before! We are more than a vape shop. We are a stop smoking service. We pride ourselves on taking our customers through the journey of finding the right product and services that they need.

Although if you want to blow big giant clouds with a ton of flavour we can help you with that too!

...I have just seen the future of vaping. Well done everyone!!

Kellie Wightman
Google Review

Brilliant clean shop the staff are brilliant! First place I've been that listen to your needs and problems with quitting and actually tailored it to my needs. Also rather than try to sell the most expensive products they offered a range of different prices and budgets and no pressure on buying whatsoever! So glad it’s local and I looking forward to visiting again and staying off cigarettes

Nathan Hall
Google Review

Only went in for more juice and came out with a new rig 🤣 It was a real experience... Almost like buying a new phone and made it feel like I was treating myself. Very knowledgeable and honest staff and the shop is immaculate! Will definitely recommend!

Glenn Murray
Facebook Review

Meet the Team

R Brookes,

Managing Director

I was a 20 a day heavy smoker until around 5 years ago. Then I had the chance of meeting someone through the family, he put a vape in my hand and that was that. 

I had tried to quit for years, it was always “I’ll quit when I’m 30”, “I’ll quit for New Years” or when the children were born. There was always a reason, but it never happened. As soon as I had my first vape device in my hand, I knew I could kick the habit of a pack a day. I had tried patches, gum the whole lot, you name it I tried it. I even tried hypnosis. Twenty years of frustration in trying to stop, done by starting to vape. 

I wanted to bring a high-end look to the industry and Touch Of Vape was born, I quit my corporate job and set up TOV. My aim was everyone would feel welcome and we could deliver the finest experience. 

In the last five years I have opened two retail stores and launched an online platform, and we continue to help our customers quit smoking for good. 


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