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Best Vape Coil Building Tool Kits

Take a look at our combination tool kits that allow you to create a truly personalised vape device. Perfect for experienced vapers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

If you’re building your own coils then you’ll require accessories such as tweezers and cotton scissors that have been specifically designed for use with rebuildable vape devices.

The awesome thing about vaping is that you can tailor your experience however you want. You get to choose the size, the style, and the type of vape tank that you like, allowing you to build a bespoke device that gives you maximum enjoyment.

Building your own setup, whether to maximise flavour, or to achieve the huge vapour clouds you’ve been dreaming of, is a process that requires a bit of homework. If you do want to go down this route then you really need the best vape gear and supplies to transform your vaping experience from ‘off the shelf’, to ‘out of this world’!

A good tool kit is a great start and will help you to build high quality coils. Our vape coil kit contains coiling tools with which to bend your wire with and get you well on the way to custom vape perfection.

TouchofVape stocks the ‘Coil Master Mini Kit’, along with many other high-quality vape coil building tool kits that'll ensure you're never without the equipment and supplies you need for your setup. From DIY Mini kits, to extensive pro kits, Touchofvape has them all right here for you.

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