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Zeus Juice Dimpleberry, Zeus Juice

Does Vaping Help Relieve stress?

Cigarettes vs Vape Systems

Over the last few years vaping has become immensely popular. Apart from the amazing flavours on offer, vaping has become a viable alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.

Smokers typically light a cigarette when they feel anxious or irritated, and smoking a cigarette offers a degree of relief. This is because cigarette tobacco contains specific chemicals, including nicotine, that affect our body and our brain.

Nicotine does not occur naturally in the human body, but it is found in a number of vegetables that we consume, however, never in a high enough concentration to affect us. Tobacco is packed with nicotine which when set ablaze, enters our bloodstream through the respiratory system.  

When nicotine enters the bloodstream, a transient spike of endorphins in the brain creates a mild sense of euphoria, or high. However, this high is unlike that associated with normal drug use as its briefer and less intense. However, nicotine is known to increase the dopamine levels in the brain which reinforces the need to do it repeatedly.

There are a number of other chemicals that enter the body when smoking cigarettes. Few of us realise that when a cigarette is smoked it releases up to 69 carcinogenic chemicals into the lungs (according to American Lung Foundation). These include:

  • Arsenic
  • Ammonia
  • Acetone
  • Tar
  • Lead
  • Hexamine, along with many more.

Among these, tar is a chemical many of us are familiar with. This chemical causes mouth, throat and lung cancer. It inhibits the lung from exchanging gases and causes organ deterioration.

Vaping on the other hand does not produce any tar at all, making this alone a very good reason to make the switch to vaping.

The primary reason why cigarettes are smoked is to get a nicotine hit, but with cigarettes there is very little that can be done to alter the nicotine dosage.

However, vaping liquids offer smokers a great deal of flexibility with regards to how much nicotine enters their body. E-liquids can range in potency from 0mg (or nicotine free), all the way up to 24mg (for heavy-smokers). They also come in a variety of flavours such as tobacco, green apple, pina colada, and many, many more.

Two highly popular favours in the U.K right now include Zeus Juice Vermillion and Zeus Juice Dimpleberry

Zeus Juice Dimpleberry offers a complex flavour-filled experience paired with the dash of menthol and a refreshing touch of eucalyptus. It has exciting earthy notes and an amazing aftertaste that will keep you smelling great whilst you enjoy the alluring tastes of nature. The 70/30 liquid ratio makes it perfect for sub-ohm vaping, rebuildable and sub-ohm pod systems.

You can find Zeus Juice along with many other exciting e-juice flavours exclusively at Touch Of Vape is one of the UK’s most popular vape product distributors - A true e-juice connoisseur of the vaping world, has delicious e-juices for you that will leave craving for more.

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