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riot squad, riot salts

Who called for a riot!?

Vaping is now recognised as one of the top 5 recreational activities enjoyed by young adults in the United Kingdom. Vaping is enjoyed in group settings as well as a solitary experience, to be enjoyed with a coffee.

Another factor that adds to the immense popularity vaping enjoys today is that it's a very effective substitute for cigarettes. Many who enter the world of vaping, do so with a desire to quit smoking tobacco whilst still wanting to enjoy a nicotine buzz. Crucially, there’s no tar found in vape systems and e-juices, making it a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Tobacco Vs Vape

When a cigarette is smoked it delivers up to 69 separate carcinogenic chemicals into the lungs (according to American Lung Foundation). These chemicals include:

  • Arsenic
  • Ammonia
  • Acetone
  • Tar
  • Lead
  • Hexamine

Among the dangerous chemicals listed above, tar is a chemical most familiarly associated with smoking. Tar causes mouth, throat and lung cancer, and it inhibits lungs from exchanging gases, significantly deteriorating the organs.

Vaping on the other hand produces no tar at all, a huge advantage in itself over traditional cigarettes, and a good incentive to switch to vaping from cigarettes.


The primary reason why people take up smoking is for the nicotine hit, but with cigarettes, smokers have very little control over the dosage of nicotine they are getting. Vape liquids on the other hand offer smokers a great deal of flexibility with regards to the dosage. E-liquids can range in potency from 0mg (nicotine-free), all the way up to 24mg, for habitual smokers. E-lquids also come in a variety of flavours such as tobacco, green apple, pina colada, and many many more.

Enjoy a world of flavour sensations

The high level of flexibility with nicotine dosage, coupled with the delicious range of flavours on the market, offers a clear advantage over cigarettes, with an increased level of satisfaction with every hit resulting in lower consumption. Essentially, vaping recreates the sensation of smoking a cigarette without the associated damage to health, and the high cost.

The massive variety of e-liquid flavours available means that you can endlessly experiment to find your perfect taste.Two of the most popular vaping products in the United Kingdom right now are, riot squad e-liquid and riot salts.Seldom do e-liquids leave vapers with such an unforgettable experience! - Riot squad is an e-juice that will leave a lasting impact. With a massive array of flavours that you can experiment with, you can even add riot salt for an additional kick.

You can find riot squad e-liquids and riot salts along with many other exciting e-juice flavours, exclusively at Touch of Vape is one of the UK’s most popular vaping systems and e-juice suppliers. A true e-juice connoisseur of the vaping world, has a huge range of delicious e-juices that will leave you craving for more… For the best vaping systems and the most satisfying e-juices, visit now!

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