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The Upcoming Vape Ban: A Statement

The Industry is under scrutiny. We're all over the radio, we're on the evening news, we're on the front page of the newspapers.

Because the government has missed the point entirely, making knee jerk reactions without proper consultation and trying to limit the industry because they simply do not understand it.

"You're selling to kids", "You're marketing to kids", "You're profiting off of addiction".

What we're doing is saving lives.

In the UK alone we have over 4.5 million current vapers, what this means is, 4.5+ million less NHS patients on the respiritory wards. 4.5+ million people who will live an additional 10 years. 4.5+ million people who have reduced their risk of 12 different forms of cancer.

The government are looking at a flavour ban. Why? Because children like flavours? Flavours have helped smokers quit cigarettes, that is undebatable. Flavours help support those that need it the most, people that want to get away from tobacco. How many adults drink pink gin? Or raspberry vodka? Where's the ban on these products?

The youth vaping problem lies with the cornershops up and down the country, the ones who are uneducated, don't care, or both. We have been calling for a licensing model for years and it has fallen on deaf ears. We demand licensing. Allow specialist shops and retailers who know the risks of smoking to sell these products, the people who understand vaping and can consult people throughout the transition and tailor their journey to the individual. Bring in stronger punishment to those who are willing to hand over a disposable and a pack of sweets over the counter with no regard to the customer or their needs.

Where is our recognition? How many smokers has our induustry really saved? How much money has our industry saved the NHS in regards to treating smoking related illnesses or deaths?

We support a smoke free 2030, we agree smoking is a major public health risk. Do not make it harder than it already is to quit the most destructive habit in this country. Do not make us the villains.