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The Government Want To Ban Vape Flavours. Don't Let Them.

The government are back, but we have a petition.

You may remember when we were shouting about a consultation in the industry, regarding the potential bans coming up, well now they're real. Out of the 4.5 million vapers in the UK that consultation got 25,000 responses. That is 0.5% of the vaping population and is not a clear indication on the views of the people. It was not good enough.

The government are civil servants. They are there to represent the views of the people. In their mind now, the view of the people is that we do not care about flavours, we don't mind if our only options are to vape tobacco flavours or menthol flavours and they want to get rid of everything else.

This may be our final chance to let them know this is not what the people want. If you enjoy flavours like Cherry Ice, Lemon and Lime or even Glazed Donut the government want to come for you and tell you that you can not use these anymore. Stand up to them.

This petition takes less than 5 minutes, you don't need to answer any questions, there's no 1-10 scale, just your name and email address. There is now no excuse not to save the future of this industry. We have a democratic government, we tell them what we want, so tell them what you want.

Click the link. Get active.