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When Should I Change My Coil?

How often should I change my coil? It's a question we get asked all the time and there's no straight answer, some coils last longer than others, by the end of this page you should have a clearer indication of what to look out for in your coils and when your vape could do with a refresh.

Your coils are the powerhouse of your device and do all the heavy lifting in the vaping world. These little components are responsible for heating and vaporising your e-liquid. Below are a few things to be on the look out for when your coil may be giving up on you.

Horrible Burnt Flavour

This is the most obvious sign your coil is ready for the bin, a burnt out coil has a very distinct flavour (or lack of). One every vaper has come to recognise, when you taste it you'll know what we mean!

It essentially means your coil has soaked up as much e-liquid as it can handle and can no longer soak up the liquid, leaving you with a fully saturated burnt clump of cotton, get rid of it and pop in a new one.

Where's the Flavour Gone?

So you've been vaping away, enjoying your favourite flavour of e-liquid and suddenly, all the flavour is gone. You're no longer getting any satisfaction from your device and can't taste anything. This can be a gradual thing or it can grind to a halt almost immediatley.

Whichever the answer, it's another indication your coil is on it's last legs. That being said if you've used the same flavour e-liquid for a log period of time, it could be something called vapers tongue, which you can learn more about here.

Dodgy Coil

It's the nature of the industry, these little components naturally burn out over time so the factories have to account for this. Coils are made by the thousands and rolled off of conveyor belts at eye watering speeds. Unfortunatley from time to time a bad apple can make its way into your pack.

A dodgy coil will either be burnt out upon arrival before it even goes in your tank or it won't work at all, if either of these occur from a fresh coil, pop a new one in and try again. 

 Lack of Use

Right, I know how this sounds. If you don't use your device regularly enough, your coils will suffer. It sounds counterintuitive but the reason being is it will oversaturate over time.

Leave your tank full and forget about it and the coil will soak up too much liquid and start to break apart or perish, once this happens it's beyond repair. A good indication of this is it will have leaked out everywhere, your liquid will be an almost waterlike consistency and your coil will bubble when you use it. Pull your coil out and put a new one in and try not to leave it for days at a time.

 Leaky Tank

A leaking tank can be caused by a number of things so it isn't always down to a bad coil, if you're using the correct ratio liquid for you coil (learn about this here) and you're within the reommended power range for you coil try a new one and see if that plugs the leak.


With all this in mind a coil can last anywhere from 7-21 days, however, with heavy usage this could be as low as 4-5 days, keep an eye on this signs and look after your coils!

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