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Mouth To Lung tanks: Greater more power for you

mouth to lung tank

Are you looking to kick your cigarette habit with an easier method than going cold turkey?

Are there people around you that you care about, and wish to keep protected from the danger of passive smoking? - Perhaps now is the perfect time to try a Mouth to Lung (MTL) tank and introduce yourself to a new world of vaping!

MTL starter kits mirror the experience of traditional cigarettes, as vaping with an MTL tank required the same draw process. First you inhale vapour into your mouth before it goes to your lungs, just like a real cigarette.

When vaping was first introduced and e-cigarettes were born, all vaping devices were Mouth to Lung, the idea being to replicate the look, feel and experience of a real cigarette as closely as possible. Then, over time, larger e-pens / e-cigarettes with variable voltages became available. These contain a small tank that holds the e-juice and have high resistance coils inside them.

3 reasons why you should opt for an Mouth To Lung tank

We all know that quitting smoking can be extremely difficult, so it’s all about helping you as much as possible. Beginners tend to start off with MTL vapes, and since the UK Government Health department has suggested this option as a means of replacing smoking, having proven to be 95% better, vaping has seen a huge rise.

Power - Mouth to Lung vapes are a great choice, not just for ex-smokers, but also for flavour chasers or just about anyone who likes to draw vapour into their mouth, rather than taking it directly into the lungs.

Portability - This discreet device you can carry around with you packs a huge amount of flavour and cloud-producing potential. Before vapes, smokers had to step outdoors each time they wanted to smoke a cigarette, or risk harming other people. Now, with MTL vapes and e- juices, you can switch to nicotine salts for nicotine on-demand, wherever you are.

Nic Salts - More and more MTL tanks are now fitted with coils designed for Nic salts. Nic salts have proven to be very helpful for new vapers who have just quit smoking. They are easier to store and have a much longer shelf-life, ensuring that the quality of your nicotine doesn’t fade.

Convenience - Carry the convenience of a fillable tank on you at all times, allowing one-handed vaping with no drip issues. A Mouth To Lung vape tank is the perfect choice for those who love great flavours and a hassle-free vaping experience.

E-juice Consumption is minimal - MTL tanks use less e-liquid than sub ohm tanks do due to the size of both the tank and the coil. Because most MTL coils have very small wick holes in their casing, less e-liquid contacts the coil itself, resulting in lower e-juice consumption.