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Orange County CBD Disposable - Strawberry Kush

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Disposable Device 600mg - 1ml

Strawberry Kush CBD disposable vape pen is ideal for indulging in a delicious CBD vaping experience. Using terpenes extracted from this famous strain, the distinctive flavour of Strawberry Kush comes through in full force.

Every one of these disposable CBD vape pens comes with 700 puffs worth of vape juice. With so many uses you're sure to have a satisfactory experience.

The Strawberry Kush CBD disposable vape pen has been made using 600mg of broad-spectrum CBD. This entirely THC-free extract is able to give you a comprehensive CBD experience, even in the lowest of doses.

*Please note that due to the high concentration of CBD in these devices, crystallisation may occur. Keep the device warm and apply a small amount of heat. Proceed to heat coil and oil should liquify.