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nexMesh Pro Tank

by Wotofo


Innovative Coil Design

nexMesh Pro Tank, the world’s first dual-core atomizer with mesh and coil combination. It is also an RBA enabled sub ohm tank, when equipped with a DIY atomizing core this tank will meet all your DIY needs. The nexMESH Pro Tank keeps its killer conical heating core structure while taking some redesigns to improve the experience for all kinds of vapers!

The wide range of Wotofo NexMesh coils means the tank can deliver a unique vape simply by switching coil. The H15 is the first coil to use a parallel and mesh build, this dual-core design delivers better flavour from your e-liquid and ensures a fast ramp-up. The H12 coil uses a Clapton mesh build for a balance of vapour and flavour. You can find a list of all coils here.

This tank is best used with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio e-liquid.