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Double Drip Disposable - Blueberry Ice

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Disposable Device - 20mg

Blueberry Ice from Double Drip offers the perfect balance between the sweet, luscious taste of Blueberries and the invigorating chill of Menthol. Every puff delivers a flavourful burst of ripe blueberries, chased by a refreshing icy sensation that tingles on the tongue. It's the ideal refreshing vape for a hit of blueberry bliss.

The Double Drip Disposable vape is an elegantly simple and stylish all-in-one ‘matchbox-style’ disposable vape device that fits perfectly in your palm. 

To activate the device, users simply inhale on the mouthpiece. This accessible way of vaping means that the device is usable out of the box, requiring no setup or maintenance.